Free SEO Tools to Help Your Campaign

Being an SEO consultant by trade I’m usually called in by small business owners who believe they aren’t too crunched for time to partake in any daily SEO practices. Admittedly there are a few that truly don’t have the time available but, for the most part these business owners are in fact able to improve their own SEO even if only doing 20 minutes of work a day.
With Classified sites the use of a few free SEO tools that I’ll be going over in this article individuals will be able to improve both their on-page and off-page SEO strategies.
Google Webmaster Tools
When reviewing a website for a potential client I’m always shocked at the vast majority of individuals whom have chosen to overlook or simply don’t know about Google’s Webmaster Tools (GWMT). Google Webmaster Tools provides website owners with probably the most complete view of key metrics you’ll need to monitor for your site such as:
•    Broken links
•    Crawl Errors (404s, 500’s, etc)
•    Sites Linking In
•    Search Queries
•    Much More…
A lot of us have heard about SEOmoz – rightly so considering their proven track record and status within the SEO marketing industry. However, what many people don’t know is that there are a few services out there like SEOmoz in many ways that offer a free plan.
The service I’ll be introducing you to is Woorank.
The free Woorank service is a once-a-week website analysis. What I love about this service is the report it provides users which emulates that of SEOmoz. The report provides users with a breakdown of their current SEO strategy by showing them what they’ve done currently and highlights areas that can be improved. Strongly recommended to be done once a week in order to see if any of your previous week’s changes have not only taken effect but has also proved to be effective.

SEOquake Browser Extension
When I’m doing SEO for myself or a client I’m always, always using a browser which has the SEOquake extension installed. SEOquake is great little tool not only for SEO consultants but for the average website owner looking to improve their websites SEO. The extension provides users with a comprehensive look at on-page SEO factors at a glance by placing a toolbar below or above the webpage content.
This browser extension will provide users with basic stats. I advise my clients to use this extension when looking at a potential link building website as it will show the key metrics allowing one to decide whether or not the site would be a worthwhile backlink.
Webpage Speed Test
I’m often asked by clients why I place so much weight on the webpage load times. Simply put the rate at which your webpage’s load directly reflect how users will find your websites experience and plays a pivotal role in increasing or decreasing conversion rates.

There are a lot of free and paid tools readily available to help webmasters keep on top of their webpage load times. However, I personally swear by webpage speed tests for the unrivaled amount of metrics provided in order to help anyone from the most seasoned to noob website owners.
Not only will the webpage speed test point out exact areas that need improvement but if you’re stuck attempting to improve a grade simply head over to their forums filled with website owners alike.
Screaming Frog SEO Spider
What I find tough about doing SEO is that no change made will have an immediate effect on a website. It would be highly ineffective for an SEO consultant to simply employ new changes to a current strategy and wait until major search crawlers access the website. Instead SEO consultants and webmasters can use the Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool to crawl their website just as a search engine crawler would.
Screaming Frog is a tools I’d advise website owners to use weekly in order to monitor their internal linking, heading tags and titles. However, one thing to keep in mind is being a free version of the tool users will only be able to crawl a maximum of Directory Submission Sites. That said being able to crawl only 500 URLS is beneficial to anyone new to SEO as it’ll be a great indication of which URLS are being crawled first – which ideally should be those you’d like to rank highest.
Open Site Explorer
If you’ve been reading up on SEO you’ve probably read about the weight placed on links in search optimizing. Links are what search engine use to determine the authority and relevancy of a webpage based on the incoming linking domains, their content and the links anchor text. Open Site Explorer is a tool courtesy of SEOmoz which examines the links a certain URL has. Open Site Explorer is a free tools for the public – which surprisingly enough provides more than enough information on links pointing towards your site and those pointing outwards from your site so that an individual of any level an improve their linking strategy.
And so comes the conclusion. Each of these tools when used on their own have proven to be quite effective; however, of course I’m inclined to suggest the use of all of these services together. It should be noted as well that SEO is not a one off job and requires those handling a websites SEO strategy to be routinely updating their techniques based on search engine algorithm changes and new software.